The largest iceberg in the world enters the "Dangerous Passage"
The largest iceberg in the world enters the "Dangerous Passage" 11497 
The largest iceberg in the world A-76A
A recent satellite image showed that the world's largest iceberg, A-76A, has entered the Drake Passage, a waterway characterized by its fast-moving currents.
After separating from Antarctica more than a year ago, the satellite image of Mount A-76A predicted the possibility of its rapid melting after entering the "Drake" corridor.
And according to the scientific "Life Science" website, the length of the giant ice sheet is 135 km, while its width reaches 26 km, meaning that it is the largest iceberg in the world.
According to scientists, when icebergs drift into the "Drake Passage", they are quickly dragged eastward by strong ocean currents, before being sent north to warmer waters, where they melt completely shortly after.
And the magazine "Science Advances" revealed last October that A68A, which was the largest iceberg in the world for about three years, was torn in half by strong ocean currents after a potential disaster was narrowly averted.
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A68A then collided with South Georgia Island in late 2020.
At that time, the researchers were surprised when the large mountain suddenly broke apart in the middle of the ocean.
But the study revealed that the sudden shift in the direction and strength of the neighboring currents was the reason for the disintegration of the giant iceberg.