Algeria is on the list of the 52 best tourist destinations in the world in 2023
Algeria is on the list of the 52 best tourist destinations in the world in 2023 1-123
The American newspaper The New York Times ranked the Algerian Sahara among the 52 best destinations worth discovering in 2023, and singled out in its report the "Tassili N'Ajer" site, which it considered "still unknown to the world."
The New York Times: Almost unknown to the world, Tassili N'Ajjer is 8 times the size of the US Yellowstone National Park.

Every year, the New York Times publishes a report that selects a range of destinations worth exploring, ranging from places of historical interest to uninhabited, little-known corners of colossal and awe-inspiring landscapes.
In introducing Algeria , which was on the New Year's list, the American newspaper said, "Algeria, which is located a stone's throw from Mediterranean Europe and a three-hour flight from London, recently relaxed its visa policy, allowing the country to be explored more easily."

"While most visitors tend to stick to visiting the coastal north, which contains some of the best preserved Roman ruins in the region, Africa's largest country also has the largest national reserve, the Tassili N'Ajjer," he added.
And the "New York Times" report continued, describing, "The Tassili N'Ajer site is almost unknown to the world, and it is eight times the size of Yellowstone (a US nature reserve). In the heart of a vast landscape of desert sand and stone lie the deep 'Red Tadrat' dunes and columns.
"Accessible only by 4x4 vehicle, this stunning national reserve is home to thousands of ancient works of rock art, dating back to a time when the Sahara was a thriving 'savannah', as well as the nomadic culture of the Tuareg, the inhabitants of the Algerian desert."

The US Ambassador to Algeria, Elizabeth Moore Open, commented on the classification in a tweet on her Twitter, saying: "I am not surprised to see Algeria on this list, because I already know how many wonderful places to see here."
"Just think how many Americans could also see it with a direct flight," she added.

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