Where to go in the sun in November 2023? The best destinations
Where to go in the sun in November 2023? The best destinations 1976
While winter is fast approaching and you have brought out the coats, are you dreaming of somewhere else? There's nothing like a short trip to recharge your batteries. But where to go in November? Here are some ideas for getaways to recharge your batteries and find some rays of sunshine!
?Where to go in November in the sun
Where to go in the sun in November 2023? The best destinations 1-132
In Sicily , just a two-hour flight from Paris, temperatures are still very mild in November and the sun is definitely out on this superb Mediterranean island. The sweetness of Sicilian living is yours , the villages with their flowery seaside streets and the bright white café terraces where the dolce vita takes on its full meaning while you enjoy a good espresso or a creamy limoncello.
If you have a craving for sun and warm seas, head to the Dominican Republic , a sure bet in the Caribbean to stock up on warmth in winter. It offers very beautiful beaches and almost permanent sunshine . Fine sand, transparent and turquoise water, the island has all the ingredients to create the most beautiful postcard shots. Without forgetting seaside resorts like Punta Cana where the all-inclusive hotels are very good value for money! Here's something to bring back some color in November.
Florida is another destination where you can relax in November . Between Miami Beach and its dream beaches, those of the Keys where you can discover beautiful seabed or those of the west coast far from mass tourism, you will be spoiled for choice in terms of seaside tourism ! And when you get tired of the beach, the amusement parks of Orlando, from Seaworld to Disney World and Universal Studios, will take your mind off things.
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Vast expanses of golden sand, red rock formations, the captivating aroma of the maquis and sunsets over the ocean... Corsica offers everything you could hope for from a getaway (a little) sunny in November. Despite its proximity to the metropolis, this exceptional island stands out for its singular, resolutely Mediterranean character, creating the perfect setting for a charming getaway . Its inhabitants with a strong temperament will make you discover an island that is both proud and authentic, whether it is walks on the coast or in the heart of the mountains.
Less sunny, but nevertheless essential, Beaujolais is an essential getaway while on the 3rd Thursday of the month, we celebrate its new vintage . A perfect opportunity to follow in the footsteps of this region which extends its vines north of Lyon and which also includes the ten other Beaujolais wines (brouilly, chénas, chiroubles, Côte-de-brouilly, fleurie, juliénas, morgon, moulin -à-vent, régnié, saint-amour). Health !
Guaranteed sunshine in France in November? Even if it will take a few hours by plane, Reunion Island will offer you a well-deserved sunny break as we sink into winter. The Indian Ocean island is full of breathtaking landscapes and experiences . Whether you are surrounded by nature, in the ocean or in volcanic lands, you will bring back unique souvenirs in your suitcase. Each moment will bring you its share of surprises and wonder: from guava trees to whales during the southern winter, from canyoning in the Rivière des Marsouins in summer to the eruptions of Piton de la Fournaise when you don't expect it.
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Where to go in the sun in November 2023? The best destinations 1--235
All seasons are suitable for visiting and, in Athens, a must-visit in Greece , November will always be synonymous with sunny days. Nightlife is also still alive during this period. You will be spoiled for choice between all the cafes, taverns, bars that abound on the sidewalks, squares, in the pedestrian streets, although above all Athens is a destination where ruins are unmissable, filled with the most beautiful and ancient stories: that of humanity. From the ancient past to the present, Athens is full of them, and visiting it is above all discovering the settings of modern life and the splendor of the past. To be programmed as soon as possible!
In November, a getaway to Lisbon is always a great idea. It must be said that this labyrinth of seven hills and its miradouros, with its facades adorned with resplendent azulejos and its Arab-inspired gardens is absolutely worth discovering. Gourmets and bon vivants will also be delighted, as there are countless stalls, restaurants and bars where it is a good place to stop under the Lisbon sun. From Bairro Alto, renowned for its festive nights, to the ancient and majestic presence of Jeronimo de Belém , from art galleries to trendy stores and barbershops from another time, Lisbon combines like no other city the charm of yesteryear and a constantly awakening creativity.
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Where to go in the sun in November 2023? The best destinations 1--236
On the island of Cyprus , we are in the extreme south-east of Europe, in its sunniest part, at the crossroads of the great Mediterranean civilizations, very close to Turkey, Lebanon, Syria, Israel, the Palestinian territories and Egypt. Geographically and culturally very oriental, the Cypriot Republic is nonetheless firmly anchored to the Old Continent. Cyprus is truly a destination where blue skies and sunshine await you, whatever the season, 330 days a year! Autumn, spring and even winter (cooler, of course, without it being unpleasant in the mountains) are very pleasant. And outside of summer, there are always great deals to be had on your budget!
Seville has it all: the streets are full of tapas bars and everywhere there is an air of flamenco and Sevillian. Besides these clichés which make the city special, it is even more endearing than it seems. In the center, the windows of major brands and traditional boutiques attract shopaholics. Next to it, the cathedral and its Giralda take pride of place. A stone's throw away, many travelers compete in the labyrinthine streets of Judería. On the other side of the bank, there is a “separate” corner, quiet and popular: Triana, whose nights are memorable. Towards the Macarena, it's a completely different atmosphere: the terraces of its bars and restaurants fill up to capacity in the evening.
The setting is wonderful, located in a bay, Antalya is dominated by the Bey Dağlar mountains with their eternal snow. The old town is delightful and unexpected. Around, between Antalya and Marmaris, Lycia is one of the most interesting and beautiful in Turkey. Due to its mountainous terrain and steep coastlines forming a multitude of small coves, there are miniature villages, human-scale towns and deserted beaches. The coves, often sheltered by islets, sometimes have a light bottom which gives the water a superb turquoise color. A postcard region, which will delight small budgets looking for sun!
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It is above all the charm of its old town of Valletta , capital of the island of Malta, - and its almost legendary history - which makes its reputation and has earned it its classification as a UNESCO world heritage site. , in 1980. The “inhabited city” thus appears like a large living museum where past and present mingle. The wind rushes through the streets creating a mild climate and a pleasant atmosphere. Then it’s time to go to Upper Barracca Gardens. The view over the Grand Port is magnificent. The activity of the center itself depends a lot on tourists. You will sometimes be the only actors there during scorching summer afternoons. You will also have time to explore the rest of the island. Crystal clear waters,, these are the three treasures of Malta. And the party will also be there!
White Algiers is captivating and November promises to be sunny. Although the city has lost none of its old-world charm, it is continually modernizing. Built like an amphitheater on an exceptional site resting on the hills of the Sahel, Algiers "the white" always illuminates the bay with a brilliance made unforgettable by a few touches of intense colors: the blue of the ironworks and the sea, the green of the parks and squares and the fuchsia of the bougainvilleas which overflow from their gardens on the heights and squares in the center. And then when evening comes, the city turns purple, pink or pale blue under a sky where the first star to appear triggers the haunting call to prayer.Beautifully languid at the bottom of the bay which you climb through winding streets, staircases or large avenues overflowing with life , Algiers is a most attractive city.
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Where to go in the sun in November 2023? The best destinations 1---71
Head to the island of Lanzarote in the Canaries to go hiking in temperatures a little warmer than in France! Lanzarote is rich in a desert of volcanic sand which covers the island and contrasts with the red of its hills. Lanzarote's landscape was capriciously created by lava from volcanic eruptions throughout the 18th and 19th centuries . It has thus acquired a rare and attractive beauty, which offers a great contrast with its golden sand beaches and sites where vegetation grows as if by magic. The island is made up of volcanic caverns and lava lakes, pink soils, lit and enhanced by a permanent sun which offers brightness and clarity.In short, everything you need to go on superb hikes!
Another dream destination for nature lovers: Vietnam . This country benefits from an extraordinary variety of landscapes from north to south . Rice terraces, bamboo forests, heavenly white sand beaches, dizzying waterfalls, marble mountains, majestic temples, colorful markets like in Muong Khuong, Vietnam knows how to entertain, all packed under a bright and sunny sun. in lush tropical vegetation.
For those who wish to stay in France, the Queyras region, in the Hautes-Alpes, is perfect for getting some fresh air. The Queyras Regional Natural Park is a concentrate of nature and tranquility with mountain landscapes, meadows, peaks over 3,000 meters which remain accessible and villages of character. Here's something to get some fresh air and get out of the gloom of November!
?Where to go in November for an exotic city trip
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Head to Rome , the eternal city of which we never tire as it is so beautiful and rich in superb heritage! The Italian capital has so much to offer without going far from Paris and for prices that are very reasonable in November, the low season. Colosseum, Saint Peter's Basilica, Palatine Hill, Trevi Fountain... So many visits that will change your daily life! And to regain your strength, the famous Italian gastronomy will be available on every street corner. Will you be tempted by a plate of pasta or a melting burrata?
For an original city trip, head to Dresden in Germany. This city, often unknown to the French, could well surprise you! Beyond its picturesque historic center, the city's countless museums will appeal to aesthetes and science lovers alike, without forgetting the sublime Zwinger, a true jewel of baroque architecture, or the Saxon State Opera, undoubtedly the one of the most beautiful opera theaters in the world. Dresden is also a rich alternative scene full of creativity ; Neustadt, on the north bank of the Elbe, bears witness to this dynamism with its decorated interior courtyards, its crafts, its cafés and its unbridled nightlife.
Another culturally interesting city, but undoubtedly sunnier in November: Thessaloniki in Greece. It's good to come to Thessaloniki, especially if you like art. With around thirty museums and 23 centuries of history, this city of 1 million inhabitants, and its international airport, has nothing to envy of Athens... apart, obviously, from a certain notoriety. Please note: at the beginning of November, the city hosts, as every year, the Thessaloniki International Film Festival with a very good international program and films that the general public can see for a modest fee.
Where to go in November for a family vacation?
Where to go in the sun in November 2023? The best destinations 1----30
If you want a destination that matches your delusions of grandeur, choose Dubai for your next trip in November. It is at this time of year that the temperatures are very pleasant. Take advantage of beautiful warm and sunny days to indulge in your most unusual hobbies! Everything is possible in Dubai!
For families who dream of beautiful, more zen vacation destinations to recharge their batteries, we recommend the Philippines, which is also one of the essential destinations for a honeymoon ! Browse our Philippines guide before deciding which of the 7,107 paradise islands you will choose as your next destination. In addition to beautiful beaches, the Philippines has exceptional seabed. Don't miss visiting the seabed of Palawan among the many unmissable diving spots. By going to this archipelago, you will avoid the masses of tourists from other big cities, allowing you to share pure moments with your loved ones.

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