Marriage between reluctance and desire
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Regarding the issue of young people’s reluctance to marry, there are many reasons on the part of males as well as on the part of females, depending on the extent to which they understand the essence of marriage and the nature of married life. The discussion here has branches and ramifications in a relative manner, from the period of puberty through adolescence, which is influenced by the social environment, to an age in which both parties realize the reality of life and its close connection to social and intellectual conditions. And belonging to the center.
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After the age of thirty, the individual realizes that the outlook on life before this age is not the same after it, and he can relatively think of marriage as a sacred bond between a man and a woman to build a marital life, achieve emotional stability, and form a family like other people.
But the roots of the problem are identified in the fear of not reaching complete conviction and ideas in light of the media, which creates in many people ideas and levels of life that have nothing to do, either remotely or remotely, with our geographical reality, socially, socially, economically, cartographically, and morally. The female has come to want a man who wants a fighter, hand-to-hand. Moroccan, but with the features presented, a series on satellite channels..

Without a presence, but the media contributed greatly to consolidating false ideas, hopes, and expectations, to which no one has a way but through creation.

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