!The 10 safest countries in the world... Sweden is not among them
The 10 safest countries in the world 1305
Safety is one of the most important, if not the most important, basis for choosing our destination, and according to the Global Peace Index (GPI), there are many notorious destinations that are not worth it, and likewise, some of the favorite destinations are becoming a less safe bet.
The Global Peace Index is an annual review that measures the overall "peace" of countries, compiled with the help of the University of Otago's Center for Peace and Conflict Studies, which provides data on social safety and security for more than 160 destinations.
Incarceration rates, homicides, internal conflict and criminality are not the only criteria, but they are among the 23 points the Global Peace Index has used in its reports since 2008.
It is not surprising that since 2021, the global calm has decreased by 0.3%, with the spread of epidemics and other global problems affecting the safety and well-being of destinations.
The index ranks countries on a scale starting with 1, meaning the safest, and ending with 5 the least safe. The ranking of the advanced centers has not changed since the index began, but New Zealand is on the rise.
"New Zealand remains the most peaceful country in the region and the second most peaceful country overall in the 2022 Index," despite the decline in the overall score since 2018, as the country slipped to 16th place in the list of societal safety, he stated in the report.
For those planning vacations in Egypt and Saudi Arabia, there is good news, as these countries have seen a significant improvement in their 'calm' score.
Some North African countries as well as the Philippines have seen significant progress, despite significant turmoil, including the outbreak of the Russo-Ukrainian War. As expected, the largest regional deterioration in peace was in Russia and Eurasia, followed by North America.
The report stated that improvements were slow and incremental compared to large declines, which were difficult to predict, "highlighting that countries tend to deteriorate much faster than they improve."

Here are the 10 safest countries to visit:
10- Canada: 1.33
Canada outperformed its neighbor, the USA, by 1.11 points, and despite a decline during the pandemic and an increase in reported hate crimes, it saw an improvement in the score.
9- Czech Republic: 1,329
The Czech Republic scores very well, especially in petty crime, and despite being a tourist country par excellence, pickpocketing is not a problem in urban centers like Prague.
8. Ireland: 1,326
Ireland has jumped three places this year, its burgeoning economy helping to weather the pandemic, and it is 0.3 points off its closest neighbor in the UK.
7- Switzerland: 1,323
Despite not being on the list of the 10 safest countries for 2020, its extremely low crime rates and per capita income maintained a high degree of social security, but it scored shocking results with regard to militarism, as one of the largest arms exporters.
6- Austria: 1,317
Austria remained in the top ten despite a significant drop in the rankings, with domestic terrorism and recent incidents dropping Vienna into the list of safe countries.
5- Slovenia: 1.315
With its low cost of living, crime and violence rates, its neutrality serving it well, and the country standing out on the tourism radar with its castles and lakes, which offer plenty to international visitors, Slovenia has found its way for the first time into the top ten in 2020.
4- Portugal: 1,267
Since emerging from the era of dictatorship in 1974, Portugal has emerged as a beacon of political stability in Europe, scoring high levels of reassurance, and despite the economic volatility during the financial crisis in the eurozone, the country has stabilized and become a major destination for tourists.
3- Denmark: 1,256
Pragmatism, well-functioning government and economic equality are the building blocks of peace in this country, as it is one of the few countries where women are more satisfied with living standards and feel safer than men.
2- New Zealand: 1,253
Despite some disruptions in social peace and increased military spending, New Zealand remains one of the most peaceful places on the planet, and a low risk index for international conflict and a peaceful response to epidemics has helped bring the country to this advanced position.
1- Iceland: 1.1
“Iceland remains the most peaceful country in the world, a place it has occupied since 2008,” the report states, due to almost zero spending on defense and international conflicts, and although it has experienced a decline in its tourism economy and turmoil during the pandemic, the island With a population of only 366,500 people, it is the safest and most welcoming country in the world.