The best ranking .. Algerian cuisine reaches the world
The best ranking .. Algerian cuisine reaches the world 1730
The first African cuisine in the ranking .. in the 34th place
In 2022, Algerian cuisine surpassed its local fame by achieving international rankings, taking advantage of the cultural diversity and the country's vast area, which made each region its own cuisine.
Algerian cuisine made the event with its delicious and delicious dishes, as it ranked 34th in the world.
The best ranking .. Algerian cuisine reaches the world 1-30
best rank
This is the best-ranked African and Arab cuisine in the ranking, according to the "Taste Atlas" website, which specializes in international culinary arts, an experiential travel guide to traditional cuisine that combines recipes, food reviews, and research articles to share a global flavor of cuisine.
The 28 Algerian dishes presented for the evaluation of visitors on the site received a rating of 4.07 points, out of a total of 5 points.
Deglat Nour, Al-Rashta, Al-Shakhshoukh, Maqrout Al-Louz, and Tajine Al-Zaytoun are among the most popular Algerian dishes on Taste Atlas.
The best ranking .. Algerian cuisine reaches the world 1-31
The most popular dishes
The "Rashta" is one of the most popular dishes in Algeria, which entered the world of coronations, as it ranked seventh in the world in the ranking of the best dishes for 50 countries, i.e. the best around the world outside the continent of Asia.
This dish is also served on occasions such as celebrations of religious holidays, especially Eid al-Fitr and Ashura, and there are those who choose it as a dish at weddings, especially in the Algiers region, and it is a dish of noodles.

Algerian traditional sweets also had a share in the “Taste Atlas” classification, as “almond macaroons” ranked fourth at the global level, occupying the top of the Arab and African rankings, as part of a census that included this time a list of 50 types of the best sweets in the world.
The site, which specializes in following up international cuisines, defined the Algerian almond maqrut as "a dessert that melts in the mouth as soon as it is eaten. Its ingredients include almonds, eggs, sugar, and the flavor of orange blossom water."
The best ranking .. Algerian cuisine reaches the world 1--34
It is noteworthy that this classification impressed activists on social networking sites, as they considered in their comments that the classification of Algerian food and sweets globally may seem simple, but it plays a major role in promoting tourism to the country.

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