Statue of Isis
Statue of Isis 1-692
She is the mother of King Thutmose III and the secondary wife of King Thutmose II of the New Kingdom.
Est is an ancient Egyptian non-ruling queen or king’s wife who lived during the Eighteenth Dynasty. She was a secondary wife or concubine of King Thutmose II, and the mother of King Thutmose III.
Queen Est is the mother of the only son of King Thutmose II. Her son - King Thutmose III - died on March 11, 1425 BC. Her name was mentioned on the scrolls of his mummy and a statue of her was found in the Karnak Temple.
Although later in her time Queen Est was referred to as the great royal wife, during the reign of Thutmose II the great royal wife was Queen Hatshepsut. King Thutmose II died in 1479 BC. After his death, Hatshepsut became the regent at the beginning of the reign of the young king Thutmose III, and Thutmose III became commander of the Egyptian army while growing up.
The statue of Queen Isis dates back to the middle of the Eighteenth Dynasty, during the reign of Thutmose III, around 1479-1425 BC. It is made of black-gold granite from the Karnak cache.
Isis was mentioned for the first time in the Old Kingdom of Egypt (2689 - 2182 BC). She was one of the main characters in the myth of Osiris. She was considered the mother and deity of the Pharaoh, who was likened to her son Horus, as she gave birth to him, cared for him, and cared for him in the other world.

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