Archaeologists find a unique Viking shipyard
Archaeologists find a unique Viking shipyard 11225
Sweden - Archaeologists at Stockholm University found a unique Viking shipyard on the Swedish island of Birka.
The university's official website indicates that the basin is located on the island of Birka, where the ancient city of Birka was located, which was considered a major trading center for the Vikings during the years 800-975 AD.
Archaeologists find a unique Viking shipyard 1-2833
“Never before have we found such a unique site,” says Professor Sven Isaksson. “It is the first of its kind.”
The shipyard looks like a stone-lined pit with a boat at the bottom. Scientists also found a large number of nails, silicon sharpening and smoothing stones, and other wood processing equipment. All these discoveries indicate that the Vikings were building and repairing their ships in this place.

Archaeologists continue to study the site in order to determine who is allowed to dock at the discovered shipbuilding and repair yard.

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